Video Games 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

There is a wonderful array of potential gifts for gamers this holiday season. More importantly, there are gifts that fit every budget. Not every gift has to be big and expensive. Our holiday gift guide has gaming items that range from making gamers more comfortable to game-playing accessories that make them more efficient as players.

Video Games 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Gamer Health

You could argue that gamers get a good cardio and upper body workout as they tense and strain to the next level. Now they can work their legs with a compact under-desk bike peddle machine. Another important health aspect to consider is gamer back strain. Ease back strain with an ergonomically designed gaming chair. Reduce eye strain for the gamer in your life with LED screen lights that have backlight screens to make stuff easier to see. The lights allow for the brightness to be adjusted.


Help your gamer become more efficient with gifts that reduce battery downtime. Get them an extra game controller and charging station so they can keep playing games they love. A bigger screen will allow them to see more of the details, and in turn, increase their reaction time. A backlit keyboard can also improve efficiency for nighttime gamers. Another way to improve efficiency is with a wireless gaming headset, with a built-in microphone. If your gamer is looking for a virtual reality headset, look no further than the Oculus Quest.


Finding your beloved gamer slumped over their desk in a puddle of drool is never a pretty sight. Make gaming more comfortable with couch accessories such as a gaming lapboard. This is similar to a classic breakfast tray, with convenient pockets on either side, only smarter.

A gaming lapboard hosts USB ports for plug-in components and a hub for controlling wires. They also have velcro strips to prevent keyboards from sliding around. A more comfortable alternative to a gaming headset is wireless earbuds. They are just as immersive and more comfortable, with the added benefit of not causing headaches.


Not all accessories have to be “virtual” or electronic. Combine a membership with a Bucket List Game Poster. It can be put up on the back of a bedroom door or on a bedroom wall. Your gamer can fill in the names they want to play and cross them off when they have played them. Some are “scratch off” posters that have rules. These posters are a source of fun debate with friends who come over. There are also models of game characters to collect if you can find out who your gamer’s heroes and favourite villains are.

Grant Access

Instead of buying games, another great gift idea is a subscription to a gaming club. Memberships can be for up to a year and usually include access to a library of games or special offers and discounts. This will bring you the gift of peace and quiet… for a while.

Video Games to pre-order this holiday season: Video Game Release Dates: Biggest Games of 2021 and Beyond

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