Is PS5 Still Out of Stock Everywhere?

Is PS5 Still Out of Stock Everywhere?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 was first released in the winter of 2020. Gamers all over the world instantly went crazy for this powerful new console, which features a better CPU, GPU, and a state-of-the-art SSD than the prior PlayStation console (PS4). The only trouble? There’s been a chronic PS5 stock shortage ever since the console first came out. You can blame a combination of outrageously high demand and an ongoing semiconductor crisis for that problem. People rush to buy PS5 consoles as soon as they’re back in stock, and chances are you won’t be one of the lucky “winners” if you don’t act fast enough. Are PS5 consoles still out of stock everywhere? If not, where can you find a PS5?

Is PS5 still out of stock everywhere?

You may be desperate for a clear answer if you’re hoping to gift someone a PlayStation 5 for the holidays. However, the answer isn’t as straightforward as it might seem.

PS5 Isn’t Out of Stock Everywhere, But You May Have to Get a Bundle

There’s no question that 2022 has been a better year for PS5 buyers. Retailers like Walmart have had PS5 consoles in stock, and they’re not always sold out immediately. It’s become easier to find a PlayStation 5 over time, but you may have to be willing to get a bundle rather than a stand-alone PS5 console.

Popular PS5 bundles include the PS5 console and PS5 games such as God of War Ragnarok, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and FIFA 23.

Other PS5 bundles include hardware accessories like headphones. While the bundles cost a little extra, and you might not need or want them, a PS5 bundle may be the only way to get your hands on that coveted console.

Where Can You Buy a PS5?

US Consumers have the best odds of finding a PS5 console by shopping at:


Walmart regularly receives stocks of PS5 and God of War Ragnarok bundles, which are available for pickup at select physical stores. Online shopping isn’t an option, but you can ask your local Walmart to call you when PlayStation 5 consoles or bundles are back in stock.


Target also sells PS5 consoles at select stores, making a few consoles available every day. You may check online to see if a store near you has PS5 consoles in stock, or contact the store directly.


Amazon shoppers will have to request an invite for the next PS5 restock. If you opt to receive a notification when PS5 consoles are back in stock, you have to act fast once you receive their message or chances are they will sell out.

You can also check online retailers to see if they have PS5 consoles in stock. However, be careful not to fall for scams. It’s typically best to avoid buying a PlayStation 5 from eBay or local Facebook groups.

PlayStation Direct

The PlayStation Direct store is currently offering the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, and various bundles.

Should You Buy a PS4 Instead?

Consumers who can’t find a PS5 may decide to get a PS4 instead. Many of the same games run on this older console that’s much easier to find, without any issues. Check to see if the person you are buying the console for likes the games that are available for PS4 before you give up on your search for a PlayStation 5.

If you decide to buy a PS4 vs PS5, you’ll not only have an easier time finding out where to buy a PS4. Plus, you’ll also save some money.

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