Common Gaming System Problems & Troubleshooting Tips

Gaming System Problems

There are a few extremely frustrating gaming system problems that can occur and it is important to know why they happen and how to fix them. Depending on the gaming system problem, you might be able to troubleshoot the issue, or you may need professional assistance. Some of the most common gaming system problems are highlighted below.

Common Gaming System Problems & Troubleshooting Tips

Visual and Graphics Issues

Visual and graphic issues are not the most common gaming system problem, however, they do occur. This issue is when there are glitches in the images and videos that are being displayed on a console. In most cases, the images on your screen will distort or flicker.

Lag of Online Games

Lag is what describes the time delay between what is inputted into the console and what is being displayed in an online game on your screen. The quality of the internet connection to your gaming console will determine the level of lag that a gamer will experience.

Ping Connection

This issue is also linked to your internet connection. Ping describes the value measured in milliseconds from the server of the online game, back to the gaming console. The higher the ping, the more delays you will experience. Ping is also affected by the location in which you are situated from where the server is being hosted. Therefore, local servers equal better ping.

Frozen Consoles

One of the most common problems gamers experience is their gaming console freezing. A frozen console will cause the game to stop running and inhibit the controller from working. This problem is normally an issue with the console itself. Depending on what system you are using, you might need to upgrade or repair certain parts. Desktops and laptops can often freeze due to games requiring higher processing parts in order to run.


Once you have identified which specific problem your system is experiencing, you might be able to do a quick fix yourself. Listed below are some easy solutions to fix common gaming system problems.

Check your internet connection

The first thing to check is the Wi-Fi router. Ensure all cables are plugged in correctly and there are no lights on or flashing that shouldn’t be. After checking this and problems persist, you can see where the game server is being hosted and determine if it is too far from your location. You might have to join games with a closer server until the connection restores.

ReStart Your Gaming System

One of the easiest things to do is to turn the gaming system off and on again. Usually, the system will require a reboot and start again in a smooth-running process. You can do this on most gaming systems by holding the power button down.

Software Updates

For persistent problems, ensure your system and software are up to date.

Proper Ventilation

It is important to keep your system cool and in a ventilated area. Due to the amount of power the system is generating, this can cause the system to heat up and crash, slow down or power off.

If you have tried to use one of the tips above and nothing has changed, contact a gaming system repair professional to help, and avoid causing further damage.

Check out the Go Gamers Youtube channel for game console repair videos.

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