What Games Can I Play With Friends Online?

play with friends

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the craving for social interaction with your friends has become stronger. However, health protocols limit these interactions on a physical level in some places due to social distancing guidelines. What can you do instead? Well, you can play video games online! Here are some suggestions as to what you can play with your friends while still staying safe from the virus.

What Games Can I Play With Friends Online?

You and your friends can use a common communication platform. Popular gaming communication platforms include Messenger calls, Discord, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. You will want to make sure you have a device that can handle both you playing and talking. Once everyone has the essentials, you can get to gaming.

Short Real-Time Games

Gartic Phone

Drawing is the main part of the game, whether or not you are good at it doesn’t matter! If you know the game Telestration, it’s essentially this but online. In Gartic Phone, each person has their own word, and you either have to draw or write the word and hope it stays the same as it passes through everyone. What makes this game really fun is that your friends take turns drawing and guessing whatever appears on their screen. So if you have a friend who is not the best at drawing or who is very passionate about describing things, this game can be absolutely amazing and will bring happy tears to your eyes.


Do you know about Monopoly Deal? Covidpoly is a take on the classic game that has gotten an online version and even changed topics to something all of us can relate to. Bringing in the witty naming schemes and usual money stealing cards back, this familiar game with a twist is definitely something to try out.

Long Real-Time Games if You Want Them to Be

Dungeons and Dragons

While this game isn’t for everyone, it’s a good investment that is incredibly fulfilling when done right. Creating your own characters and going on an adventure is a wonderful experience that helps you feel the thrill of the outdoor adventures within your own home. It may be hard to start as there is a lot of work to prepare before your adventure actually begins. You have to remember that campaigns take quite a long time as well. The campaign can last up to 5 hours or longer. However, this all depends on how you and your friends want to go. It’s your adventure to choose, why not take the first step with this magical game?

Telegram bots

You’ll be surprised with the selection of bots the messaging app holds. Some of the most popular ones are UNO, Cards Against Humanity, and Werewolf. These work the same way as the real-life game and can last forever if you wish them to. What makes it better is that you don’t even have to always pay attention to it. You can always take a break and continue on your own time. Because these games move at your own pace, they can be a lot of fun and has no stress involved!

We hope that with these suggestions, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun when you play with your friends online! Don’t be afraid to try out new things and make the most of your situation. Good luck and have fun!

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