Choosing A Gaming Chair

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Want to level up in your gaming experience but aren’t sure how to choose the right kind of chair from the abundant options available? Or maybe you work from home and you’re looking to boost your productivity? Spoiler alert: gaming chairs aren’t just for gamers. With the sometimes endless hours that can be spent sitting while you’re gaming or working, having a comfortable chair can do wonders for your mental and physical health. So look no further, this is your guide to what will work best for you, your body, and your needs.

Types of chairs

Gaming chair designers have got it down to a science. They’ve analyzed how gamers sit, how they move, and what they need. They continue to evolve and morph into chairs that are not only comfortable but can feel like a part of you. To begin, here are three of the main categories to be aware of. We have PC gaming chairs, console gaming chairs, and racing simulator seats.

1. PC Gaming Chair

PC gaming chairs are probably what most people envision when they hear the word gaming chair. They usually have a mobile 5-star wheeled base with a pedestal seat on top. They have swivel capabilities, high armrests to support your wrists, and a high back to prevent neck straining. Some can even tilt back and recline in whatever position you’d like.

2. Console Gaming Chair

Console gaming chairs are much more versatile with various shapes and sizes. The ‘Rocker’ is the most classic that has an L-shaped seat. They’re not as ergonomic as PC gaming chairs as they’re more for comfort over back support. This chair will be excellent for those more laid-back gamers. Some even come with surround sound speakers and USB ports. Never fear about your battery dying again.

3. Racing Simulator Seats

Racing simulator seats are pretty self-explanatory. These are high-end advanced chairs designed specifically for racing games. These chairs are attached to a cockpit where you can mount your accessories. As you may guess, these can get super pricey if you’re serious about your Nascar.

Things to consider

Now that we got some of the main types of chairs out of the way, it’s important to consider what characteristics are most valuable to you.


Ergonomics is definitely one of the most crucial characteristics, especially if you’re putting in long hours on this chair. This refers to the principle of creating products with psychology and physiology in mind. They hold the ability to improve productivity and efficiency. It supports your posture, your movements, and can even help you with better reaction times in your gaming. It should be a high level of adjustability, lumbar support, and a high, curved backrest. Good posture and proper alignment of your neck, and shoulders can prevent too much strain and potential injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Build Quality

The build quality of your future chair will also be high up on the list of what to look for. A good indicator of finding one will be to look at the frame. Durable steel will be the most long-lasting material for your chair.


The upholstery is another important factor. Most chairs will have polyurethane leather. This is usually the best bang for your buck. You’ll want it to be breathable and many chairs will provide mesh upholstery to keep you from sweating. No one likes a sweaty chair.


Armrests and consoles are huge for gamers. The best armrests are adjustable and can be fitted to your body and height. You want your shoulders at rest and your elbow at a right angle for optimal reaction times. Many console gaming chairs can integrate with your consoles in various ways. Some even have motion compatibility features that involve rocking, tilting, turning, shaking, and vibrating to give you that full gaming experience.

Other general tips

Other general tips to be aware of when choosing that perfect gaming chair will be reviews, the warranty policy, and the installation process. Some questions you may want to answer might be if the chair is the design you’re looking for, if it’s big enough to support your weight, or if it’s right for your height.

Wrapping things up

If you’re in the market for a gaming chair, there are endless options available at your fingertips. Figuring out what type of chair will fit your needs will be your first duty. From there you can decide what capabilities and characteristics are most important for your sitting time. Good luck!

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