Hasbro Family Game Night

Genre: Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Games
Release Date: 11/11/2008
Language: English
Rating: Everyone


Players can deck out their very own distinctive digital game room in HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT by choosing a setting and adding earned trophies; cool furniture and decorations all themed to their favorite games. Not only can players customize where they play; but also how they play. HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT features a party mode that gives players the option to build a custom party game by choosing their desired game(s); number of players and setting a time limit. Party mode mini-game challenges include Match the Pattern Shake for Words and Bomb Run.

  • Play the classic games that you know and love
  • Games included are: CONNECT FOUR BATTLESHIP YAHTZEE BOGGLE SORRY! and soon to be released SORRY! Sliders.
  • Exciting new ways to play every game … like CONNECT 4 Power Chips BOGGLE Portal Cubes Reverse YAHTZEE and BATTLESHIP Barrage!
  • Choose the game room theme that’s right for you
  • Earn new game themed trophies furniture and decorations to customize your game room
  • Play with up to four players: YAHTZEE BOGGLE SORRY! and SORRY! Sliders.
  • Play up to two players: CONNECT FOUR and BATTLESHIP.

Mario Party 5

Genre: Puzzle; Party
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hudson
MultiPlayer: Split Screen
Release Date: 11/4/2003
Language: English
Rating: 3+


Mario and his closest friends are trying to restore peace to Dream World by racing around a collection of all-new game boards-and tons of surprises await! The new game sports new game boards; more than 60 new mini-games; new playable characters; an expanded one-player mode and; of course the multi-player madness that made it famous in the first place. This sequel extends Mario Party’s reign as the king of the party game!

    • Change the location of event spaces on the virtual game board to get a leg up on your competition and race to collect more stars than anyone else.


    • Duke it out in new duel traditional or everyone-vs.-Bowser mini-games.


    • Have fun with everyone’s favorite characters as well as some new ones debuting in their first Mario game.


    • View the game board with ease and get back to the game faster with the new 3-D maps.


    • Compete against the Koopa Kid Brigade-a trio of Koopa Kids who take their turns simultaneously cutting down significantly on the wait time and letting everyone get back to the action more quickly.


  • Win mini-game competitions to collect coins and reach stars that are randomly placed on the game boards. Collect the most stars and coins to win a game board. Beat all the game boards and win the game!

Soul Calibur IV

Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Bandai Namco
MultiPlayer: Same Screen
Release Date: 7/29/2008
Language: English
Rating: Teen


Two swords at its ultimate form of evolution… During the reincarnation of the Soulcalibur and Soul Edge; something else has awakened… The battle between the two swords comes to the final phase; with the resurrection of whom created those swords. Nightmare in its ultimate form awaits at for Siegfried for the final battle.

What lies ahead of the characters twisted by its destiny? Moreover Sith Lord Darth Vader and Jedi master Yoda appear respectively on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to engage the fight for the Soul Swords.

  • Online VS – for the first time in Soulcalibur franchise
  • Critical Strike for each characters
  • New game system: AMB (Active Matching Battle)
  • Many new interactive stages including refined familiar stages
  • Enhanced Character Creation mode
  • Numerous DLC
  • Special guests: Yoda on Xbox360 and Darth Vader on PS3

Whats Cooking with Jamie Oliver

Genre: Entertainment
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Keen Games
Release Date: 10/21/2008
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

What’s Cooking? with Jamie Oliver is the first video game to feature international cooking star Jamie Oliver and his delicious; world-renowned recipes. What’s Cooking? with Jamie Oliver walks players through virtual and real-life cooking situations; from shopping to chopping dressing the dish to serving up meals.  The portability of Nintendo DS means Jamie Oliver is with you every step of the way to offer help and inspiration whenever and wherever you feel like cooking up a storm.

The interactive cookbook is stuffed with 100 original Jamie Oliver recipes mouth-watering photography by David Loftus of the quality we’ve come to expect from Jamie’s books and features voice recognition leaving hands free to concentrate on the cooking. The interactive shopping list automatically saves ingredients from chosen recipes and organises them by food type.  The creative cooking mode encourages players to get stuck in by using hundreds of hand-picked ingredients to create their own dishes. Up to 100 of your own unique recipes can be saved to be recreated in the kitchen later and shared using the console’s Wi-Fi Connection. The cooking games offer fun for everyone with a series of recipe challenges in a variety of virtual real-time 3D kitchen settings.

    • Interactive cookbook: create a book’s worth of Jamie’s delicious recipes beautifully illustrated with David Loftus photography with voice recognition leaving hands free to get stuck in;


    • Cooking games: Follow and recreate 25 of Jamie’s recipes in 10 original 3D kitchens with hundreds of utensils and ingredients to choose from. Cook against the clock in a series of challenges that will see you chop stir and garnish your way to becoming a master chef;


    • Shopping list: Jamie accompanies you to the supermarket with the interactive shopping list that creates and stores your own shopping lists. Items are organised by food type and additional items can be added individually using the keypad or text recognition;


  • Recipe creator: Allows you to create and store up to 100 of your own unique recipes and share them with friends via wi-fi.