Hasbro Family Game Night

Genre: Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Games
Release Date: 11/11/2008
Language: English
Rating: Everyone


Players can deck out their very own distinctive digital game room in HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT by choosing a setting and adding earned trophies; cool furniture and decorations all themed to their favorite games. Not only can players customize where they play; but also how they play. HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT features a party mode that gives players the option to build a custom party game by choosing their desired game(s); number of players and setting a time limit. Party mode mini-game challenges include Match the Pattern Shake for Words and Bomb Run.

  • Play the classic games that you know and love
  • Games included are: CONNECT FOUR BATTLESHIP YAHTZEE BOGGLE SORRY! and soon to be released SORRY! Sliders.
  • Exciting new ways to play every game … like CONNECT 4 Power Chips BOGGLE Portal Cubes Reverse YAHTZEE and BATTLESHIP Barrage!
  • Choose the game room theme that’s right for you
  • Earn new game themed trophies furniture and decorations to customize your game room
  • Play with up to four players: YAHTZEE BOGGLE SORRY! and SORRY! Sliders.
  • Play up to two players: CONNECT FOUR and BATTLESHIP.

Lost Kingdoms

Genre: RPG; Card
Publisher: Activision
Developer: From Software
Release Date: 5/28/2002
Language: English
Rating: Teen


A dark mysterious force is has taken over the five Kingdoms of Argwyll; and only one person can solve the mystery and save the world: You; as Princess Katia. Travel through the kingdom on an epic journey through magical; graphically-rich 3D realms to uncover the root of the evil that threatens the kingdoms. Explore over two dozen unique 3D worlds filled with Graveyards; Forests; Mountains and Fortresses. Interact with characters uncover secret areas and unravel the mystery of the evil forces.

During your adventures you can summon over 100 Guardian Creatures to help in your quest. Battle hordes of malicious monsters and uncover the terrible origins of their evil forces. Make it a solo mission or go head-to head with friends in two-player Versus mode.

  • As one of the first role-playing games for Nintendo GameCube Lost Kingdoms takes you on an immersive adventure into a magical world where guardian beasts are summoned to battle malicious foes. Taking advantage of Nintendo GameCube’s technological advances Lost Kingdoms combines eye-popping graphics rich 3D environments incredible special effects and a compelling adventure storyline.
  • Real-time action RPG … Collect and power up more than 100 Guardian Creature Cards–from fighting skeletons to ravaging wolves—summoning them to fight in real-time battles against hordes of evil monsters. As you progress through the game the experience and abilities of the creatures will increase adding additional elements of strategy.
  • Immersive RPG Adventure … As Princess Katia embark on an epic journey through the Five Kingdoms of Argwyll. Explore more than two-dozen 3D worlds filled with graveyards mountains forests and fortresses. Interact with characters uncover secret areas and unravel the mystery that threatens your realm.
  • Multiple Modes of Play … Play alone through Single Player Story mode or take on friends in Two-Player Versus Mode—pitting your Guardian Creature Card collection against their in a battle to the death.


Genre: Board
Publisher: Parker Brothers
Developer: Sculptured Software; Inc.
Release Date: March 1991
Language: English

World Championship Poker

Genre: Card; Cards
Publisher: Crave Entertainment
Developer: Crave Entertainment
Release Date: 11/30/2004
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

From Texas Hold’em to Seven-Card Stud and Omaha High-Low; poker is being played by an estimated 50 to 70 million people worldwide; and tournament action can be found on television almost every night of the week. With World Championship Poker Crave will put players in the fast and freewheeling world of high-stakes poker on their own next generation console and handheld system.

    • Over 18 different poker games including Texas Hold’em Five Card Draw and Pineapple.


    • Poker tutorials as well as hints and tips on strategy.


    • Six tournament locations ranging from a TV studio to a Mississippi riverboat.


    • Fully customizable characters with over 80 different options to mold a player’s look.


    • Multi-Player via GameSpy


  • Eye-Toy support for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system as well as text and voice chat support.

World Championship Poker 2

Genre: Card; Cards
Publisher: Crave Entertainment
Developer: Point of View
Release Date: 11/8/2005
Language: English
Rating: Teen

Developed by Point of View; World Championship Poker 2 features a much more detailed one player game; where you now have to work your way up the ranks; starting in your mom’s basement. Once you start winning and accumulating money; you can spend your winnings on increasingly better pads; and furnishings. Hit a losing streak and you may have to hock your stuff to stay in the game. Other features of WCP2 include:

  • 14 types of poker including Texas Hold’em Five Card Draw Seven Card Stud and Pineapple
  • Different levels of simulation – ‘Real Deal’ for the more experienced card shark and ‘Power Play’ for the casual players
  • Active tell and bluff systems.
  • Third-person ‘TV’ mode (including the popular in-bumper ‘card cam’) or first-person mode to watch human and computer opponents more closely for signs of tells and bluffs
  • RPG-like upgradeable skill system
  • Play with the pros – in game character likenesses as well as play styles and iconic signature personality traits of some of the world’s top poker players including: Howard Ledrerer Annie Duke Greg Raymer Robert Williamson Matt Savage Amir Vahedi Clonie Gowen and Paul Darden.
  • Detailed character customization feature – really put yourself in the game
  • More attitude – truly colorful color commentary including player controlled taunts bluffs and tells
  • Poker tutorials as well as hints and tips on strategy
  • Dynamic one player game – upgrade your pad and host online tournaments. Hock your stuff if you’re desperate for funds for the next tournament
  • Exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version of World Championship Poker 2 is support for the EyeToy USB Camera (for PlayStation 2) which allows online opponents to see each other as they play in addition to supporting text chat. The Xbox version of the game supports Xbox Live online game service including Scoreboards Voice/Chat and Live Aware

World Series of Poker

Genre: Card; Cards
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Left Field Productions
Release Date: 8/31/2005
Language: English
Rating: Everyone 10+

As the officially-licensed video game of the World Series of Poker; this is the only game that allows players the same intensity; excitement; and authenticity of going all-in at the WSOP final table and taking home the championship. Square off in a setting that realistically mimics Harrah’s Rio Casino with ESPN presentation-style commentators calling the action. Whether playing online or against the AI; this game will put your poker skills to the ultimate test as you attempt to go from an unknown to the grand champion. You’ll start by creating your very own poker face then you’ll need to bluff and read tells to come out on top. It’s time to ante up where the real action is!

  • Online and LIVE enabled on most platforms
  • Four modes of gameplay
  • Quick Play: for instant poker action
  • Main event: see if your $10K buy-in is dead money
  • Career: journey from the back room to the Main Event
  • Multiplayer: test your skills against other card sharks
  • Authentic feel of the actual tournament
  • Tells: pay attention and be able to read your opponent’s moves
  • Bluffs: take down a pot with just rags
  • Table Talk: opponents will try to tilt you to throw your game
  • Enthusiastic audience reacting to the excitement of the game
  • Recreated ESPN presentation style to add drama and suspense
  • All the sanctioned poker variations of the WSOP:
  • Texas Hold ‘Em 7 Card Stud Omaha & Razz
  • Buy-Ins
  • High/Lows
  • Table Mins/Antes
  • Flexible Character Creator:
  • Based on the THUG character creator
  • Create your own poker face
  • Wear Vegas-style threads
  • Looks and clothing upgrades throughout the game
  • Rare collector chips:
  • Primary reward mechanism
  • Awarded for noteworthy gameplay milestones
  • Test your skills against leading poker pros
  • Leaderboard tracks your progression and stats

YuGiOh GX Spirit Caller

Genre: Strategy; Cards
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Developer: Konami
MultiPlayer: Wi-Fi
Release Date: 1/2/2007
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

The second dedicated Nintendo DS Yu-Gi-Oh! Title is here; and it’s improved on the first in every way imaginable. The story once again starts at the Duel Academy and players find themselves taking control of another new student; but this one has been placed in the Obelisk Dorm where bad students are placed. Strange incidents start to occur at the Academy and a voice starts talking to the player – the voice of the Spirit Duelist. This Spirit then guides the player through the game offering help and advice along the way.

The ‘New Expert Rule’ that has now been implemented into the Official Card Game is now included in Spirit Caller meaning the two are even more closely linked. The Duels themselves have also been improved and the player now gets a greater sense of the battle when playing. As well as that the speed of the game has been increased so you now get a much faster paced experience.

With over 1300 cards available to the player there’s plenty to uncover and the Spirit will also help players in Spirit Caller by giving them new cards along the way. The wireless network is put to the full use with the player able to take part in duels and trade cards with players locally but also connect to the worldwide game server and battle people from all over the globe.

Those players with an impressive card deck from Nightmare Troubadour needn’t worry as you can also import you deck into the new game too.

  • Second DS Yu-Gi-Oh! title
  • Wireless online play – battle anyone in the world!
  • Over 1300 different cards available
  • Trade cards wirelessly with other players
  • Import your card deck from Nightmare Troubadour