PC Repair

Software Cleanup/Virus, Spyware, & Malware Removal - $49

I will remove unwanted software, malware, and viruses. I will clean up your temp files, and clean out your browsers. I will also complete all of the necessary updates needed

for your computer.


Hard Drive Replacement/Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade - Price Varies

While replacing your old hard drive with the new drive I can attempt to recover your

data and transfer it over to the new drive. This part of the service is optional and the

price will vary based on the type of data recovery needed.

Reload/Re-install Operating System - $80

I will re-install the windows operating system, as well as install all drivers, software, and

necessary updates.

OPTIONAL – Data recovery is an additional $49-$89 depending on the amount of data that needs to be recovered.


Laptop Screen Replacement - Price Varies

Based on the screen required, I can replace your laptop screen after it has suffered cracking, denting, or other damages. The price for screen replacements varies based on the screen necessary.

Water/Liquid Damage Repair - Starting at $98

Life happens, and sometimes that means spilling your coffee on your computer, or maybe you get your laptop a little too close to the pool. Whatever the case, I can repair water and liquid damage so that you can get back to work or fun on your computer!

Diagnostics are Free!

At Gamers we provide a free diagnosis of your device, and all of our parts come with a 30 day warranty. I work hard to offer same day/next day service when able. I look forward to helping you with all of your computer repair needs!

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