China Cricket Team

China Cricket Team – The second day of the ICC Women’s Asia Qualifiers 2019 was an exciting one as there were three more matches to go in the regional rounds.

The highlight of the day was the exciting match between Hong Kong and China at TCG, where China ended their recent loss with one pin. The UAE lived up to their reputation as one of the favorites for the tournament, winning by a total score of 145/5 against Kuwait at the AIT, moving 86 in the table after the second day of play at the top of the table.

China Cricket Team

China Cricket Team

The second day of the 2019 Qualifiers begins with Nepal taking on Malaysia in the TCG. Nepal are playing their first match in the tournament and will be looking to continue their success in the recent T20 Smash tournament held in Bangkok. Malaysia did a good job beating Kuwait in their first game, so it will be an interesting game. Nepal won the toss and elected to bat first.

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Nepal got off to a good start with openers Kajal Shreshta and Sita Rana Magar chasing the score to 40 at the end of the Powerplay, but the first lead fell to 46 as Shrestha fell behind for 16 off 29 balls. In fifty overs, Nepal took the lead in the ninth hour and finished well with 58/1 after 10 overs.

Nepal’s second wicket team continued to bat impressively, scoring runs and two off as many balls – third wicket Indu Barma managed to reach long-on while attempting a big knock. again. Nepal’s score after 12 overs is 71/2.

Rana Magar showed the quality of hitting the ball down the ground with smart cover. Nepal captain Rubina Chhetry regained the boundary after a quick start but Magar was dismissed for 96 by Duraisem’s brilliant 42 after 15 overs / 3Leave Nepal.

Nepal were aided by poor batting from Malaysia throughout, but despite the last two runs, they finished with an impressive 126/5 in 20 overs. Chhetry scored an unbeaten 33 with four 33 in 25 balls while sisters Duraisem and Azmi took one wicket each.

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Malaysia got off to a good start as they looked to reach the target, as opener Yusrina Yaakop was bowled out with the first ball of the second over by Kabita Kunwar’s delivery. Elsa Siow Tzin Yee, who scored an unbeaten 42 against Kuwait, had just returned but was called out by Duraisem’s singles. Malaysia won 24/2 at the end of the Powerplay. Captain Durasingam and goalkeeper Barrett formed an effective partnership as Malaysia reached 52 at the halfway stage, 75 runs to victory.

Karuna Bhandari bowled an accurate ball that allowed Baret to catch the ball and make 21 from 29 balls while Duraisem) on the first ball of the next, made 18 from 30 balls. Mas Elysa was the bowler who had a great game against Kuwait but this time his performance was reduced . Bhandari finished with figures of 2/15 and Sarita Magar left Elysa in trouble as Malaysia posted 68 for 5 after 15 overs.

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China Cricket Team

Malaysia could not deal with the strong run at the end of the innings. Sita Rana Magar was named Man of the Match for her brilliant innings of 1/17, while Sarita Magar took 2/12. Malaysia’s score at the end of 20 overs was 92/7, while Nepal won by 34 runs.

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The Hong Kong team will face the Chinese team at TCG in the afternoon. Both teams lost their first games, China lost to Thailand by six points and Hong Kong lost to the United Arab Emirates by 21. However, both teams did well in their first games. The Chinese team allowed the Thai team to fight to victory, while the Hong Kong team stopped the UAE team with a total score of 106/8.

China won the toss, elected to bat first and were rewarded with early wickets as they held Hong Kong to a power play. Hong Kong was 22/1 after six overs. The Hong Kong team found it difficult to score early in the finals and ended up scoring just 85 points in 20 overs against the UAE. The same thing happened against the direct attack of the Chinese team, where the top players did not find the bottom line. .

After 10 rounds, the Hong Kong team’s record was 35-1. They lost their second three as Yasmin Daswani joined Yee San To on 35 balls and leg-spinner Han Lili made 12 off 27 balls. pillar gates.

Hong Kong’s No. 3 goalkeeper is starting to find his footing and attack with confidence. He hit two four shots and a few more shots, but they all stopped short of the boundary. He scored 37 off 44 balls but led Hong Kong to the brink as they finished third with 75 in the 17th over. He tired in his third drive, as did Mariko Hill, and left-hander Kary Chan was hit in the next over.

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Late wickets often cut short results and China were rewarded for their good bowling and fielding when they lost three more wickets in the 19th over. Hong Kong finished with 86/8 – just one point more than they had against the UAE.

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Hong Kong were unable to pick up the pace of the game, hitting just two boundaries in 20 overs, but China seemed to have no such problem, batting with all their might from the start. The problem with China is that they are also losing wickets at a rapid pace. At the end of the power play, China were 33/4 despite their excellent pace.

China Cricket Team

China lost the fourth wicket with a score of 27-2 when the captains Huang Zhuo and Zhang Mei combined and the arrogant strike ended suddenly and the two players continued to work together. The score rose slowly but without unnecessary danger, and the Chinese team reached 55/4 after 10 overs. The pair were content to wait for the bad balls and were able to exchange bats.

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The next five overs were another 12 runs, but more importantly no more wickets were lost. The Chinese team needs 16 points in the last five games. A simple catch was dropped and the ball only cleared the bowler a few times, but surprisingly, Zhang was suddenly dropped by Yu Shantao for 23 runs out of 76 runs. One wicket often led to two and Han Lili was caught two runs later as China needed nine runs in the last three overs with Wong still at the crease.

After Wu Juan hit the Yuanzishan window to drop China to seven points, Huang felt the added pressure to lead his team to victory alone, frustrating Ishandu, who was having a good day.

Betty Chan needed four more runs in the last over to bowl. Two songs came, but Wang Meng came out. Three balls, two runs to win with one wicket to spare. Whipping the ball, then 11 Zhang Xiangxue hit the ball in the middle.

Run outs would have led to more overs, but the second over ended with China winning by one wicket with one ball to spare. This was a wonderful match that lit up the whole scene and brought hope to Chinese cricket.

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The third match of the day will see UAE take on Kuwait at AIT. UAE did well when they elected to bat first as they reached 145/5 in 20 overs. UAE got off to a good start thanks to useful contributions from Esha Osha (41) and Kavisha Egodage (36), with Chamani Seneviratne and Udeni Dona also making useful contributions, while The UAE finished with their highest score of the tournament so far. The goal. Amna Tariq took two wickets, but Kuwait still have a lot of running to do in the field, with Sabourin Zaki injured and missing the game.

Kuwait saw a win against the powerhouses in their first ICC match. They scored 145 runs in 20 overs on the field but their batting was a bit of fun as they reached 46/1 in the 10th over as the top three took time out.

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